Dhol Chants

A series of images created for the 2016 Dhol Chants album release, exploring a speculative future of ubiquitous scanning and aestheticisation.

Developed for Manchester based musician David Roocroft, we wanted to explore something that had the duality of pop-ish optimism with deep cynical undertones. We took an environmental scenario (overpopulation) and developed a series of speculative narratives, imaging how this could be played to different extremes. We investigated ubiquitous scanning, algorithmic border control and scarcity and found ourselves looking at moments of horror, yet depicted as moments of beauty. We were aestheticising and romanticising the objects in our stories.

From these exploration came a series of mask designs, objects that may be luxury in some sense, yet hide our faces from the reality around us as we’re scanned and tracked across the landscape.

Archive, • Audiovisual, • Selected Work


Artwork by Paul Mumford
Music by Dhol Chants (dreamprecinct@gmail.com)