Flexure is a realtime animated film and dual screen installation by Davide Quayola, produced for Nike and the Milan Design Festival, with animation and post production support by Paul Mumford.

The work is cre­ated with the cus­tom real­time soft­ware “Parti­tura”, built in vvvv and developed as a col­lab­or­a­tion between Quay­ola and Natan Sin­i­gaglia over the past sev­eral years. The pro­cess involved manip­u­lat­ing and set­ting up time driven data streams to gen­er­ate the motion of the object in a real­time loop of flexing.
Artist: Davide Quay­ola
Real­time Soft­ware Development : Natan Sin­i­gaglia
Anim­a­tion & Post Production: Paul Mumford & Davide Quayola