Sony E-Reader Film

A 2 min motion graphic film exploring the thousands of books available to buy and read on the new Sony E-Reader.

Produced for D-Fuse the film was shown as part of a brand experience at the IFA trade fair developed by Fallon and Freestate. The trade fair environment was constructed to showcase large scale projections of 8 different commissioned films that were encapsulated by an infinity mirror setup where conference attendees could arrange meetings and socialise. Graphics and images are reflected and refracted into the space all around creating a sense of immersion within the brands latest products.

The film takes the viewer on a audiovisual typographic journey through a mixture of classical and modern texts where type and colour fill a void with a tapestry of words and literature, leading to a product reveal as the final frame.

The Sony Reader Film went on to be published as part of the “Design Type” book available on Burge Press.


Cli­ent: Sony

Pro­duc­tion Com­pany – DFuse
Agency — Fal­lon & Freestate
Produced by Mike Faulkner
Design & Anim­a­tion by Paul Mum­ford
Sound by Mat­thias Kispert