Work­ing at Ima­gin­a­tion as lead designer for Lincoln’s new tech­no­logy centrepiece at the 2009 Detroit Motor­show Paul Mumford helped develop a 4ft multi-touch, multi-user inter­act­ive exper­i­ence where the pub­lic could explore the Lin­coln 2009 range.

Agency: Ima­gin­a­tion
Art Dir­ector: Paul Mum­ford
Lead Pro­gram­mer: Dan Dig­gins
Cre­at­ive Dir­ector: Tony Phil­lips
Pro­du­cer: Aye­sha Adon­ais
Designer: George Schon
Pro­gram­mer: Neil Slu­man
Inter­ac­tion Designer: Thomas Ner­ling
Con­tent Devel­op­ment: Tom Gray

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