Matter Installation

Mat­ter is a time-based digital sculp­ture by artist Davide Quayola. It describes a con­tinu­ous dynamic artic­u­la­tion of a solid, pure block of mat­ter, from the simplest prim­it­ive forms to the highest details of geo­met­ric com­plex­it­ies, and vice versa… from the unpre­dict­able grace of geo­lo­gical pro­cesses to the per­fec­tion, beauty and pre­ci­sion of man made crafts.


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Com­mis­sioned by Aude­mars Piguet.

Artist: Quay­ola
Pro­du­cer: Keri Elmsly
Sound Design: Mat­thias Kispert
3d (light­ing & ren­der­ing): Paul Mum­ford
3d (cus­tom plu­gin): Maxime Caus­eret
3d (cus­tom plu­gin): Murat Pak
3d (R&D): Evan Bohem
Edit­ing Assist­ant: Gior­gio Gremigni
Render Farm Solu­tion: Ren­derIT
Com­mis­sioned by Aude­mars Piguet