On AudioVisual

The pro­ject “Visual Music” (2007–2008) is con­ceived by the media art gal­lery fluc­tu­at­ing images. Over the course of two years, the pro­ject will deal with the diverse artistic and insti­tu­tional aspects of Visual Music. Cor­ne­lia and Hol­ger from the gal­lery have invited sci­ent­ists, artists and cur­at­ors to focus their spe­cial per­spect­ives on the topic. As a pub­lic­a­tion, Audio.Visual is divided into two sec­tions: the first deals with the aca­demic dis­cus­sion on the sub­ject of visual music; the second intro­duces con­tem­por­ary paradigms of audio-visual praxis in brief present­a­tions. Apart from being a guide in the his­tor­ical sense, this new volume provides the­or­et­ical approaches to under­stand­ing and mak­ing visual music. As a part of this pub­lic­a­tion Paul Mum­ford has con­trib­uted both writ­ten and audi­ovisual pieces of work and is avail­able on Amazon.
Pub­lisher: Arnold­sche
Edit­ors: Cor­ne­lia & Hol­ger Lund
Con­tri­bu­tions: Sandra Nau­mann, Hervé Vanel, Maxa Zoller, Mat­thias Weiß, Henry Keazor, Axel Stock­bur­ger, Fried Dähn, Paul Mum­ford, Laurent Carlier, Bruce McClure, Vin­cent Alaph­il­ippe, François Pirault, Nik­las Völker, Yves Schmid Dorn­bierer, irgit Schneider.

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