Strata #2

Strata#2” is an audio-visual install­a­tion by Davide Quay­ola that explores the icons of the fam­ous Rose win­dows in vari­ous Paris cathed­rals and churches. Focus­ing on the lay­er­ing of times, func­tions and rep­res­ent­a­tions a beau­ti­ful and haut­ing space decon­structs to cre­ate a new graphic archi­tec­ture. Through sound and visual effects it con­cen­trates on the col­lect­ive imagery of par­tic­u­lar build­ings, reflect­ing upon the strat­i­fied his­tor­ical mean­ings they detain in the west­ern soci­ety through time. This work was com­mis­sioned for install­a­tion in the St Eustache Cathed­ral as part of the 2009 NEMO fest­ival. Paul got involved to develop the anim­a­tion and com­pos­it­ing of the super high res imagery.

Artist: Quay­ola
Com­mis­sioner: Arcadi
Audio: Mira Calix
Sound Design: Auto­bam
Anim­a­tion: Quay­ola & Labmeta

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