Tekton Light Machine

A Kinetic light machine presented as an installation with 2ch sound.

Developed as an ongoing collaboration between Labmeta and DFuse and installed in the Wood St Galleries in Pittsburgh USA. The piece explores the materiality and temporality of light in motion as the machine prints light in space: A strip of LEDs is put in vertical motion by a motor, while the LEDs themselves are programmed with touch designer to emit sequences of light in horizontal patterns. In the relationship between these two directions of movement, between light trans-versing space and afterimage imprinted on the retina, various complex patterns emerge. Dots, lines and curves overlap to create traces of movement, light and dark, pattern and disorder, harmony and dissonance.

• Archive • Installation • Selected Work


Developed by Mike Faulkner & Paul Mumford
Model by Toby Harris
Sound by Matthias Kispert