Tekton Films

A series of audi­ovisual films, sketches and realtime compositions exploring the concept of kinetic light machines.

Produced as a collaboration with Mike Faulkner from DFuse for presentation in various media festivals as short films and as a live audiovisual performance that featured at Punto y raya, STRP, Multiplicidades, Platine, Onedotzero, Storung Festival and the Kinetica Art Fair.

Digital machines are created with repetitive mechanical movements and constraints so they can be performed to reveal emer­gent pat­terns of light, rhythm and form in a recurs­ive inter­ming­ling between human and machine. Each film explores the process of emergence across time whenwhen multiple motions and systems overlap.

• Archive • Audiovisual • Selected Work


Project by: Paul Mum­ford & Mike Faulkner

Sound: Mat­thias Kispert