A music video cre­ated in col­lab­or­a­tion with Taprikk Sweezee as part of his upcom­ing Repolyx release on Error Broad­cast.

This sump­tu­ous remix by Kidkanevil is a real dance floor killer, the per­fect mix of sleazy, low slung beats with the sweet and intric­ate vocals of Taprikk. The video explores the poten­tial of a poly­gon reactor sta­tion that is fuelled by geo­met­rical forms, yet when it’s kicked into life it starts a chain reac­tion that mutates like ‘a chro­mo­some that designs a thin crack for revolu­tion, a chance for redesign.…’


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Dir­ec­ted & Animated by: Paul Mum­ford
Music: Taprikk Sweezee “Volt“
Remixed by Kidkanevil
Label: Error Broadcast