Dhol Chants
Album Artwork Design & Concept


A speculative future explored through 3D illustration and generative mask desk.

In 2016, a Manchester based musician, David Roocroft was looking to develop some artwork for his forthcoming EP release.

DholChants Mockup_05
DholChants Mockup_04

Under the ‘Dhol Chants’ persona we collaborated on a speculative dystopian narrative based on thoughts around ubiquitous scanning, data driven policy, algorithmic border control and digital security scenarios.

The aim was to develop a set illustrations for an EP release across digital platforms including Soundcloud and traditional vinyl releases.

The outcome, was a series of mirror masks developed through generative modelling techniques that disrupt and refract the light scanning systems and patterns of computer vision and facial recognition.

DholChants Mockup_02
DholChants Mockup_03

Objects are presented here as stealth fashion objects and luxury artefacts: Aestheticising and romanticising the process of commoditisation for objects of fictional survival. The conceptual approach to the music: A take on the dualism in pop music industry.



Concept by David Roocroft & Paul Mumford
Design & Direction by Labmeta
Music by David Roocroft

Dhol Chants - Surveilance Camaflauge