KIA 'Movement Inspires'
Neuro-aesthetic brand films.
w/ Marshmallow Laser Feast

In 2020 KIA Motors were in the process of developing a new brand manifesto. The aim was to better reflect their new design philosophy with the support of a new brand slogan, ‘Movement that inspires’.

We were invited to join a project by digital artists Marshmallow Laser Feast to answer "How does movement inspire?”. As part of a multi-disciplinary team Labmeta worked across the concept development of the project and the production of three neuro-aesthetic brand films. 


The result combined the latest in neuroscientific research with digital artworks inspired by nature (Land, Ocean & Air).


Each film became refined through technical demonstrations of neurological responses, that helped to establish which of our outputs created the most positive neurological outcomes through aesthetic experiences.

Part of our process involved a series of visual demonstrators conducted on a small group of volunteers. 


Participants were wired up to different sensing technologies including EEG, GSR and fMRI Scanners while watching examples of our development work. The demonstrations acted to steer the creative by showing the strongest neurological responses.


We learned about aesthetic forms that can stimulate neurological responses in the brain by engaging with concepts including embodiement, neuron networks, movement processing, statistical fractals and attention restoration.

Working in consultation with Dr Richard Taylor, Dr Beatrix Calvano Merino and Katherine Templar Lewis the films worked towards science informed visuals that sought to make you feel  more calm, focused, engaged and immersed.


Creative Direction by Marshmallow Laser Feast
Motion Graphics: Labmeta
Art Direction: Paul Mumford
VFX: Tim Bacon, Aarron Smith, Claire Pegorier
Neuroscience: Katherine Templar Lewis, Richard Taylor & Beatriz Calvo Merino
Technical Direction: Louis Mustill & Will Young
Production: Ulla Winkler & Mark Logue

KIA - "Movement Inspires"