Global Rebrand

In late 2021 coming off the back of a global pandemic, one of the biggest social media companies in the world were considering a complete global rebrand to restructure Facebook as a division of a new parent company.

On Oct 28th Mark Zuckerberg launched  'Meta'. had been approached to engage in an ongoing collaboration, supporting the Facebook Design Team for this Rebrand Project.

Working closely with the brand consultants at Saffron, FIELD led a design research team with Paul Mumford as the Creative Director.


Beginning with explorations into the expression, motion behaviour, and liminal materiality of the logo we helped to develop a future visual language based on the transition between physical and virtual spaces. 

The launch day films blended from 2D to 3D visual visual styles taking on multiple textures and forms which speak to the boundless creativity of what can be built within the Metaverse.



Created & Produced by
Commissioned: by Saffron Brand Consultants
Executive Creative Direction: Marcus Wendt
Creative Director: Mike Hughes & Paul Mumford
Producer: Alice Shaughnessy & Tom Feustel
3D Design: Misha Shyukin, Axel Schoterman, Maxim Meshkov, Julien Bauzin, Nico Le Dren, Maxim Kroft, Yaroslav Svyatykh. 

Meta - A Global Rebrand