About Us

Labmeta is an independent design & motion studio.  We develop creative strategies & moving image systems for forward thinking brands, agencies and artists.

Lots of our projects engage with new aesthetics, cultural trends and business strategy; particularly for partners and brands where technology is disrupting and transforming our everyday lives.

Our process is design led and we often work with procedural systems, generative tools, and emerging methods of image making. This helps our work to become adaptable and scalable to screens, spaces and messages of all kinds.

However we always aim to deliver work that is simple, refined & beautiful.

We're available for commissions and collaborations and we’d love to hear from you.

Clients & Services

We've helped lots of people make interesting & beautiful images including:

Adidas, BBC, BFI, Channel 4, Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode, DFuse, Field, Formula 1, Footlocker, Immersive,  Imagination, Intel, Intro, Keane, Kylie, Lincoln, Mazda, Metallica, MTV, Nike, Onedotzero, Paypal, Phillips, Quayola, Sky, Sony, Toyota, Uniqlo, V&A ++

Services include: Creative direction & consultancy, motion design & illustration, design systems, interactive media, data visualisation and content production.


V22 Studios 2.1,

5 Crown Close,

London, E3 2JH.


020 3637 9985