A audiovisual film com­mis­s­ison from One­dotzero to Quay­ola for the MTV Bloom com­pet­i­tion.

The work is an investigation into the icons of Rome’s renaissance architecture and the dissolution’s of their compactness. Through a combination of photographs and computer-generated graphics, “Rome” aims to create a series of images where the subject is de-contextualized from its historical and cultural implication. A process of metamorphosis transforms the architectural matter. Its solid three-dimensional spa­ti­al­ity mutates into an ephemeral two dimensional skin made of geo­met­rical shapes and col­ors, obtain­ing a new incom­pact real­ity. The images rep­res­ent these trans­mu­ta­tions in a spe­cific moment in time, like if an external spec­tator pho­to­graphed them. Assum­ing dif­fer­ent mean­ings, the rep­res­en­ted build­ings appear under a new per­spect­ive that focuses on their images rather than their his­tor­ical and archi­tec­tural significance.