Generative Brand Illustrations to Accompany a Global Rebrand.

Data is emerging as a cornerstone of business transformation. 

Increasingly data services are being recognised for the impactful power they possesses as they come to the forefront of strategy, design and research.  BackOffice Associates saw this as an opportunity to bring themselves ‘out of the back office’ and find centre stage as their new outfit: Syniti.

Labmeta was invited by The Confederation Studio to work on a brand film partnership. The aim was to develop a set of motion design assets to help shape the brand identity across online, print, mobile and events.  

The ’Syniti Flock’, was developed as  a graphic language inspired by murmurations of starlings. A mesmerising flock of bird-like data points that constantly shift and adapt in a natural and unexpected way – as a visual metaphor for data’s power to generate valuable business insights. 

Key Visual A


Agency Confederation Studio
Motion Design by Labmeta
Direction by Paul Mumford
Animation by Robin Gardeur
FX by Tim Bacon
Producer Nicolas Salzano
Sound Tom Middleton